Drawing Cars Is Easy & Fun!

draw a car easyCar racing is a very rapidly growing entertainment around the world. Before there wasn’t much craze about car racing in kids but now racing cars are really popular among the youth and mostly in kids. Drawing is another creative and popular things in kids. To draw their favorite and to watch and play with race cars is something that every kid loves (boys in common).

So it is not a big thing if a kid wants to draw a race car but since he is a kid, it can be really difficult to draw a race car that is perfectly made without knowing the instructions. Even if the parent has to draw a race car for his or her kid, it may be difficult for him or her to draw a race car unless the parent has won many drawing prizes or is a painter or sketch artist by profession. But once you are provided with the instructions, you will discover that it is not as hard as you were thinking it would be and so, here this article is to teach how can you draw a race car. Now let’s get started with it step by step:

STEP 1: First you have to draw the wheels and the base of any kind of car you are drawing and this is what you have to do with your racing car too. Keep the wheel size normal, it is obvious to not make them too big because racing cars do not have big wheels. Keep the length of the wheel base a bit more longer than you usually do for other cars because this is a racing car.

STEP 2: The second step involves making of the body of the car. Make the body like any other normal road car but just keep the ground clearance as low as possible because racing cars do not have a high ground clearance due to their low center of gravity. This property means that their average weight location is at the center of the base and they need to be as close to the ground as possible. This is the main reason why racing cars are not made to run on uneven roads, because due to low clearance the car will get damaged on its base. These cars are made to be driven preferably on the race tracks or can be driven on plain roads.

STEP 3: Draw the roof of your car simply like a roof of any other car. Roofs (or DRAW A RACE CAR TODAYcabins) of racing cars are all based on the normal road cars that most people have (not including SUVs or any big vehicles) and due to this, does not need anything special drawn with it.

STEP 4: Draw the windshields and doors for this step. Just like the step above, neither does this step require anything special. Just draw them as usual.

STEP 5: This is the step where the beginning of the fun starts because this is where a race car’s characteristics are drawn. Start drawing the headlights and then the grill below the headlights, the air diffuser and an outlet left to the front wheel if you want your race car to look more fancy. Draw the front splitter which is on the front bumper’s lower part (this part is used to split the air from getting inside the car that would adversely affect the car on the race track). Draw the fuel cap because you can not add fuel without it and no one can imagine a car without a fuel cap (at least until this century).

STEP 6: In this step, draw the side mirrors of your car (if you have not already in step 4) and then add some detail to the headlights by drawing the bulbs inside them. Draw the rims as you want them to look like. Race cars have a huge variety of rims nowadays and you should choose the one that makes it look like the real racing for you (or your kid). After the rims, draw the rear wing. Draw it more fancier if you can as it is one the parts that gives your car a racing look. Now the last for step six is the frontal air intake.

STEP 7: After the air intake, draw some support rod for the front air splitter. You can make another air intake right above the front wheel, on the hood near to the wheel. Add some extra lights under the headlights.


EXTRA – You can make your race car drawing look more cooler and attractive with only a little bit more of creativity. For example, you can draw stickers for your car on the doors or numbers like there are on Nascars or if you are a bit more creative, you can even draw vinyls on the car and make it look more attractive. Vinyls are something which are not easy to make but if you can make them perfectly, there is no doubt your drawing is going to look better. On the hood there can be two more air intakes ( which are known as top air intakes). You can draw a side skit on the car. Must try these.

OPTIONAL: Kids love colorful things, don’t they? And a race car which is colored totally white with black outlines may look less attractive to them. So no matter what, if you have time, give that sporty race car you made some respray. Color it with your best or if your son gets excited when it comes to coloring up stuff then you may give that drawing to him for coloring it as he wishes.

So this was the step by step tutorial on learning how to make a race car today. It’s really easy to do. You can even teach your kid how to make a race car with these instructions so that you do not need to worry if he loses, somehow gets the paper torn apart or get it wet. Hope you like it.

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